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Night Time Kayak Tours


Dino Bio Tour

In the warm and dark lagoon waters on the Space Coast of Florida lies a natural phenomenon of glowing blue waters alive with activity called bioluminescence. The swirling of your hand, every paddle stroke, the darting trails of nearby fish swimming, the torpedo-like aura of a dolphin swimming by all spark the blue that many compare to the “Avatar” or “Life of Pi” movies, and some even recall “those Gatorade commercials” as the gentle plankton leave a trickling glow when holding it in your hands. Being on a wildlife refuge, other wildlife often makes appearances as well! Frequent visitors include manatees, dolphins, herons, other endangered species of birds, and even the occasional gator. Escape with us to the most pure and otherworldly experience that natural Florida has to offer. Don't just take our word for it, hear what others had to say about our magical bioluminescent tours when they came out with us.

 Best Time of Year for Florida Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates  

June - Early October
Monday through Thursdays        $36.95 Adults
Friday, Saturdays & Sundays     $39.95 Adults



Comb Jelly Bio Tour

In the cooler Florida months, bioluminescent Comb Jellies congregate in the protected waters of the Indian River Lagoon. Living in the most bio-diverse estuary in North America, Comb Jellies are clear, glob-like creatures that, despite their name, do not sting! So as you paddle the calm waters laced with mangroves and palm trees, you can catch and hold these gentle glowing creatures. They’re right at your fingertips while having a safe, awe-inspiring kayak adventure with those who share your enthusiasm for new and unique experiences.See for yourself in our Comb Jelly video!

  Best Time of Year for Florda Bioluminescent Comb Jellies

  Mid-October - March (Cooler Months of the Year) 
$38 Adults/Child



Moonlight Tours

Let the full moon illuminate your path as you paddle along mangrove shores and shallow waters of the Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge. As the most bio-diverse estuary in North America, thousands of species of birds and animals make their home that we are privileged to respectfully visit. We take you on an informative paddle through mazes and canals, often crossing paths with jumping schools of mullet fish, curious dolphins, and sometimes a sleeping manatee for an unforgettable encounter with nature. After an especially star-studded tour, patrons often say, “Just looking at the night sky was my favorite part! The stars stole the show!”  Come explore the calming waters of the only wildlife refuge nestled in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center.


Indian River Moonlight        Little Big-Econ Moonlight


Available Year Round


Haulover Canal    $34 Adult/Child 
Econ                    $58 Adult/Child