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Includes the Manatee Encounter, Refuge tours, Sunset Tours and a few other paddling options

Bioluminescent Tours, Moonlight Kayaking.... anything at night

Choose from a variety of private tours for you and your friends or family.

A rental without the transportation hassle! Meet one of guides at the launch to pick up your boats. While our guide is out with another group you are free to paddle the lagoon on your own, at your own pace returning the kayaks back to the guide at the stated time. Ninety minutes of bliss...No fuss, no muss. 

Camp on an island, spend a couple of days yakkin down a river or in the's all right here!

Elizabeth holds an injured Brown Pelican

Caring for the refuge residents is a important part of what we do. Any time we encounter an injured animal we respond immediately depending on the type animal. From Manatees that are injured by a powerboat to wading birds trapped in fishing line, the appropiate agency is immediately contacted and the animal made as comfortable as possible until help arrives or it can be transferred.
Often it is a simple case of removing line so a feathered friend can move freely. Once we rescued three Brown Pelicans in one afternoon, none of whom needed medical attention, but all would have certainly died if not untangled.
Thus far in our six years on the refuge we have rescued Brown and White Pelicans, Loons, Turkey Vultures, Gulls, Black Crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons