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Comb Jelly Bio Kayak Tour

Comb Jelly Bio Kayak Tour
During the cool fall and winter months bioluminescent comb jellyfish congregate in the waters of the Indian River Lagoon. Comb Jellies are not true jellyfish as they do not actually sting. They range in size between the tip of your pinky-finger and the size of your fist. Looking like oblong pumpkins with the "ribs of the pumpkins" having the bioluminescent qualities. Any time the jellies are disturbed they set off flashing of light from their "ribs". It is quite the show... Join A Day Away for a mystical tour that will intrigue your family and friends and keep you off the asphalt, out of long lines and heavy traffic. Evenings in late October through March can be very pleasant in Central Florida. This is generally our dry season and is often free of the storms and weather that can be unpredictable in summer months. Join us for a magical time on the water and be sure to check our schedule to see when these fascinating tours will be available.

Please keep in mind that we cannot make guarantees when it comes to nature or wildlife, but we do are best to provide the best experience for our patrons. Our guides provided us with Day-by-Day reports on what they are seeing out on the water & we use that information for the next tours on the calendar.

On this page check out our video where Visit Florida featured our Comb Jellies!
$38 Per Person