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Call A Day Away Kayak Tours and Reconnect with Nature down Florida's Silver River Today!
Office Hours: 9am-6pm
Call A Day Away Kayak Tours and Reconnect with Nature down Florida's Silver River Today!

Moonlight Bioluminescence Kayak Tour


Let the full moon illuminate your path as you paddle along mangrove shores and shallow waters of the Merritt Island National Wildlife refuge. This tour features a healthy balance of every nighttime feature available. As the most bio-diverse estuary in North America, thousands of species of birds and animals make their home that we are privileged to respectfully visit. In the summer months, glimmers of bioluminescence, “dino bio,” can often be observed in the shadowy shorelines of nearby mazes and canals, creating blue swirls of light on your paddle and in your hands. In the cooler months, harmless Comb Jellies can also be found in the nooks and crannies of the lagoon, pulsating their blue-green down rows of their bodies, and striking a rainbow-y pose when put under your flashlight!

With rocket launch pads and NASA in view, we take you on an informative paddle, often crossing paths with jumping schools of mullet fish, curious dolphins, and sometimes a sleeping manatee for an unforgettable encounter with nature. After an especially star-studded tour, patrons often say, “Just looking at the night sky was my favorite part! The stars stole the show!”  We invite you to come explore the calming waters of the only wildlife refuge nestled in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center, and decide for yourself which of the elements most excites you.

What to Bring

  • • Water Shoes
  • • Towels
  • • Snacks
  • • Quick Dry Clothes
  • • Bug Spray

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes on the water

Season: Available Year Round

M-Th $39.95 Per Person
F-Sun $44.95 Per Person
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