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Day & Night Kayaking Near Cocoa Beach

Kayaking Near Cocoa Beach

Set out on a remarkable journey with A Day Away Kayak Tours, where every paddle stroke promises excitement and discovery. From novices to experienced paddles, everyone can relish the beauty of kayaking and immerse themselves in the splendor of Florida's coastal ecosystems.

What's the Best Time to Go Kayaking Near Cocoa Beach?

The best time for kayaking near Cocoa Beach is during the pleasant months of fall and spring. With the scorching heat of summer waning, these seasons offer comfortable temperatures and calmer waters. Wildlife enthusiasts may prefer the summer months as they bring an abundance of marine life.

Will I See Bioluminescence Near Cocoa Beach?

Bioluminescence is one of the most captivating sights you can witness in Florida. The peak season to witness this phenomenon is from July to October when the waters of the Banana River and Indian River Lagoon come alive with ethereal blue-green light created by countless tiny organisms. Our experienced guides are well-versed in the region’s ecology and ensure an enchanting nighttime escapade, where each paddle stroke sets the water aglow, creating a surreal experience that leaves you spellbound.

Who Can Kayak, and How Far Are the Tours?

We cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels, from families with children to seasoned adventurers. We recommend children over age 5 for our kayaking trips, but children below this age who are comfortable in confined spaces can also join us. Our excursions typically last 90 minutes on the water, covering approximately 3 miles. Whether you’re looking for leisurely paddles through serene mangrove tunnels or exhilarating coastal explorations, we have you covered.

Is It Worth Adding a Kayak Tour While Visiting Cocoa Beach?

While Cocoa Beach boasts stunning sandy shores and vibrant beach culture, exploring the waters by kayak offers a whole new perspective. Our kayaks glide through narrow waterways teeming with life, where you can witness breathtaking sunsets casting a golden hue over the horizon.

Choose from our wide range of kayak tours, including our Merritt Island National Wildlife tour, Mondo Combo Refuge Kayak tour, private tours, bioluminescent tours and moonlight tours.

Whether you’re coming with family or friends, we can provide an experience that’s as captivating and diverse as Florida’s coastline. Book your adventure today, and prepare to discover the beauty that awaits just a paddle away.

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