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Clear Kayak

Kayaking is one of the most up-close and personal ways to experience dinoflagellate bioluminescence (dino bio). And with the invent of clear-bottom kayaks, the experience is more immersive than ever! Now you can observe not only the blue swirls off of your paddle, but rushing under your very feet. Every movement below you is illuminated in glowing hues: The momentum of the kayak gives the appearance millions of shooting stars soaring under you, and fish darting under you are like underwater fireworks. And if you’re lucky, you may even see a dolphin or manatee glide gracefully under you. Some describe the dino bio as the enchanting twirl of fairy dust, others like the hovering orbs of Pandora. When nature is stranger than fiction, there is nothing more awe-inspiring. You don’t have to buy manufactured magic of Orlando, or book a flight to Puerto Rico. The safest yet most enchanting bioluminescent bay experience nature has to offer now envelopes you like never before, no wishing required.

Why clear bottom kayaks? Our continued commitment to maintaining safety within our immersive experiences has led us to these technologically advanced kayaks, a finely crafted and mesmerizing new model of kayak. The Innovex material is not glass, but a highly durable plastic composite, like the overhead cock pits of fighter jets. The clear-bottom kayak does not simply lay a window panel under you, but rather a fully-formed inlay of Innovex allows water (and so bioluminescence) to rise around you, preserving the full experience without compromising paddler safety.

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Clear Kayak Tours

What Are Dinoflagellates?

Dinoflagellates, a phytoplankton group measuring 5-2,000 micrometers, produce oxygen in freshwater and saltwater. Most of them are microscopic, but some types can form visible colonies. They can also reproduce rapidly to form red tides or water blooms that may harm the fish and other marine life. Additionally, their bioluminescence is a bluish-green color, causing the surface of the sea to glow at night. A Day Away Kayak Tours offers several bioluminescence kayak tours for an unforgettable experience.

Why Are Clear Kayaks the Best Way to Experience Bioluminescence?

We offer several tours for both novice and experienced kayakers. Our guides are not just energetic adventurers; they're also experienced kayakers. They're familiar with the paddling conditions and the environment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. We also provide all paddling equipment, including life jackets and a whistle. Our clear-bottom kayaks are also designed with durability and safety in mind.

Planning to see beautiful marine life and experience the unforgettable dinoflagellate bioluminescence? You can also create custom bookings with us, allowing you to have adventures with your loved ones. Children 5 years old and up are also welcome to join our tours.

Come book a tour with us and get a chance to see manatees, dolphins, and other marine life. We also offer mesmerizing sunset tours and night tours. Send us a message or contact us today to book a tour.

What to Bring

  • • Water Shoes
  • • Towels
  • • Snacks
  • • Quick Dry Clothes
  • • Bug Spray

Locations: Merritt Island

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes on the water

Season: May to early November

$75 Per Person
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