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Call A Day Away Kayak Tours and Reconnect with Nature down Florida's Silver River Today!

Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

In the warm and dark lagoon waters lies a natural phenomenon of glowing blue waters alive with activity. The swirling of your hand, every paddle stroke, and the rolling wake off of your kayak all sparkle throughout the darkness. Many guests encounter the darting blue tracer trails of nearby fish swimming, describing them as an under-water laser light show. And watch out! Those mullet fish might just hop right into your kayak! Not only do fish leave trails, dolphins look like torpedoes, and manatees a slow and graceful submarine. Many guests compare the experience to Pandora of “Avatar.” Some even recall the bioluminescence scene in “Life of Pi” or “those Gatorade commercials” as the gentle plankton leave a trickling glow when you hold it in your hands and let it trickle down your arm.

Though some may jokingly blame this on NASA runoff, it is actually the biological response of microscopic algae called a dinoflagellate, which is why we coined the term ”dino bio”. The perfectly natural and harmless concentration of organisms produces light before your very eyes, often existing in millions per liter of water. Your tour will include a ton of information about these rare and exotic creatures with the most experienced guides in the area.

Since your tour takes place on a wildlife refuge, other wildlife often makes appearances as well! Frequent visitors include manatees, dolphins, herons, other endangered species of birds, and even the occasional gator. Escape with us to the most pure and otherworldly experience that natural Florida has to offer. 

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Watching Bioluminescence in Florida

If you've ever wanted to look at the glowing waters of Florida, the summer is the perfect time to do that. Bioluminescence in dinoflagellates creates the brilliant effect of blue light coming off Florida's warm waters. Seeing one of the coolest phenomena in nature in a kayak or seeing a dinoflagellate species in person is an unforgettable experience.

Why Does Bioluminescence Happen in Florida?

The dinoflagellate culture uses its bioluminescence for multiple reasons. This light emission attracts potential mates, warns other organisms in the culture against predators, or draws in their prey. It works similarly to how trees communicate with each other through their roots; these tiny organisms use bioluminescence to pass on information to the rest of the species.

Where Are the Best Places in the World to Witness Bioluminescence?

Anywhere that features warm water, such as Puerto Rico, Vietnam or Florida, offers prime viewing of dinoflagellate bioluminescence. In Florida, some of the best places to see this phenomenon are right here on the Space Coast. The Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River yield some of the most brilliant shows of light.

What Is the Difference Between Dinoflagellates and Comb Jellies?

Dinoflagellates are much smaller than comb jellies. Comb jellies are large enough that you can see them and pick them up with your hand. Dinoflagellates are microscopic organisms, so the only way we can spot these bioluminescent organisms is when they're all acting at once. That's why a kayak tour is the best way to see these organisms: You'll spot them in their natural habitat.

What to Bring

  • • Water Shoes
  • • Towels
  • • Snacks
  • • Quick Dry Clothes
  • • Bug Spray

Locations: Titusville and Merritt Island

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes on the water

Season: May to early November

$55 Per Person
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